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    Membership currently 22 Clubs from the Tennessee Valley Area.

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    Fun Spring and Fall Outings

  • Photo Contests

    Great photography contests sponsored by 3CT & PSA

  • Speaker Database

    Speakers & Instructors available to come to local Photo Clubs

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    Conduct training open to all 3CT members

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    Attend any local club's special event

  • Why Choose 3CT?

    Club and individual memberships assure that all interested photographers from beginners to seasoned professionals can learn and improve their knowledge of the art of photography.

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    To bring all Tennessee Valley Camera Clubs together for mutual interactions

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    Local Clubs

    3CT strives to promote growth at the local Club level 

  • Monthly Contests

    Many local clubs sponsor monthly photo contest for fun & points

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    Photography Outings

    3CT & Local clubs sponsor great outings all year long to interesting locations

  • 24

    Local Clubs

  • 773+/-

    Happy Photographers

  • 20,500+

    Photos Monthly Average

  • 40+

    Monthly Meetings


3CT In Focus Award Winning Newsletter

Awards presented by the Photographic Society of America
at the Annual Chapter and Council Newsletter Competitions

2017 - First Place
2016 Directors Choice Award
2013/14/15 1st Place
2012 2nd Place

  • What Our Club Presidents Say..

    Local Camera Club Presidents know the value of 3CT!

  • joe-green-2

    Joe Green

    President, Lawrenceburg Photography Society

As Eve Arnold said, "It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument."  The 3CT is a driving force to assist local club members to become better instruments of photography.  If you are a member of a local club, and the club doesn't belong to 3CT, I highly recommend you join immediately.

  • Pat-Gordy

    Pat Gordy

    President (2019), Photographic Society of Chattanooga

3CT helps local club members change and become better photographers. Your local club should be a club member of 3CT, and I encourage you to ask your club leaders for your club to join.

  • jeff-Rouse-102

    The 3CT President Speaks

    President Jeff Roush, a professional lifelong photographer and instructor practices what he preaches.  As the founder of several local photography clubs and the President of 3CT, he believes in the following reasons why you should join a local photography club that is a member of 3CT.

  • Social Interactions

    Local Camera Club Meetings are fun & a great way to meet new photography friends

  • Exposure

    Local clubs offer experiences such as model shoots, wedding shoots, landscape outings and much more

  • Common Interest

    Club members share their talents, give advice to novices, learn new skills, & meet people who love to talk about photography

  • Enrichment

    Being a member of a local camera club and 3CT is an enriching experience.  Try it out and see for yourself!

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