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Photography Specialties: Photography, Composition, Photography Education, Travel, Wildlife & more.

Name: Paul Hassell
Location: Knoxville, TN
Secondary Website:
Twitter: @hassellphoto
Phone: (865)405-0549

Photography Specialties:
Business of Photography, Composition, Photography Education, Travel, Wildlife

Sample programs offered:
"Obsession to Profession" - A program on rediscovering your personal creativity!

What others have said about Paul as a speaker:

- Luminous energy! - BG
- Paul captivated me immediately with his personal presence, warmth, and authenticity. - KW
- Paul never ceases to amaze. - AC
- I walked away inspired, wanting to remember more and to start waking up before sunrise. - BB
- Thank you for your warm, connecting, inspiring message. - JM

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Though you might see his signature in the corner of a photograph of a black bear cub in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Paul Hassell isn't strictly a photographer. Paul is in the light business.

An entrepreneur since the age of fifteen, a lover of solitude, and a loyal friend, Paul defies convention at every turn. You won't walk away from a conversation with him thinking how little you know about the nature of visible light. You'll walk away with the sense that Paul is doing what he was created to do. This at-home-ness in himself and his craft becomes a kind of permission for others to find their vocations and live them.

In his words: “I want to live a life that's open and honest. If I'm consistent, then my photography will speak this same language.”

Paul found what makes him tick and organized his life around that calling. He designed his own major at The University of TN: Freelance Photography and Writing for the Natural Environment. That's a mouthful. He's a member of North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers (SANP), but the credentials matter less to him than sharing the profound experience. He points the way to a bigger truth and deeper reality.

Paul grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and married his best friend Nora in 2011. They moved several miles up the river to the comfortable town of Kodak. Their home along the French Broad River has become their base camp. If you follow his Blog or follow him on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, he'll take you around the world.

Hold on for the ride.

Paul has been published in National Parks Magazine, Time-Life, Nature's Best, and National Geographic books.

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