Natural Connection Photo Workshops
Photography Specialties: Composition, General Art, Landscape, Technical Skills, Travel

Contact Info:
Location: Blue Ridge, GA
Website: Natural Connections Photo Workshops
Facebook:  Natural Connections Photo Workshops
Phone: 678.227.3781

Sample programs offered:

  • Preparation, Patience & Perseverance - The Crafting of the Photograph
  • The Mirrorless Revolution
  • Olympus OM-D Series Camera Class

Natural Connections Photo Workshops is the brainchild of the married team, Jeff, and Ledra Woodlee. Their mutual love of photography is the essential cornerstone of this venture. Together they do what they love best - lecturing and teaching photography workshops around the country for people who like to travel, learn photography and have lots of fun doing it!

Prior to their meeting, both Ledra and Jeff conducted photo workshops individually. But once they combined forces they discovered a collective 20-year base of photo knowledge to offer to their students. Through classroom lecture, critiques and hands-on instruction in the field, they offer their students the ability to address their individual needs and to develop their photographic talents.

What Ledra and Jeff bring to the table is larger than the sum of its parts. Teaching how to capture inspiring images is important, but that isn’t all they do. With a background in retail photography sales and service, Jeff and Ledra possess a broad collective knowledge of most things photographic - photography gear in addition to photographic technique. Everything they have learned in the retail environment has only served to deepen their knowledge and ability to help their workshop participants in the classroom and in the field as well. The couple spends their time traveling, teaching and lecturing about photography and many of its components. They instruct workshops throughout the United States and teach camera-specific classes and lecture to groups around the Southeast.

Several years ago, Jeff and Ledra developed a passion for a new and exciting line of equipment – Olympus mirrorless cameras. Recently they and their workshop company became part of a new program with Olympus called Olympus Workshop Partners. Although they shoot Olympus mirrorless cameras and offer them for try-outs during their workshops, their company is not an Olympus-only outfit. All shooters with any camera gear are welcome at Natural Connections Photo Workshops because they have experience with all major camera brands. Ledra and Jeff insist their participants will walk away from any of their outings with a better understanding of their cameras and of photography in general.

Fee for Presenting: Free, Donation from Club, Travel Expenses, Depending on how far we travel, we may have to ask for a modicum of travel expense reimbursement, but not always.

Sample Photos

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