Individual Lifetime Membership

There are several benefits to being an individual lifetime member of the 3CT organization at a very low cost of $25.00.

  • You do not have to belong to any member club to be an individual member, you can be both an individual member and a club-affiliated member but it is not a requirement.
  • Please Note, the Lifetime 3CT Membership does not override local clubs' membership requirements!
  • You may attend any 3CT outing or event free of charge with prior registration (we just need to know your attendance).  Sometimes guest speakers will offer workshops that are available for a workshop fee and those fees are the responsibility of the member.  Additionally, some events will be held at paid venues like zoos or other places that charge fees.  Admission is the responsibility of the member.
  • You will directly receive the monthly newsletter (instead of relying on a member club 3CT representative to send you your newsletter).
  • You will receive occasional emails about photographic events, workshops, and classes around the state that are either 3CT related or have been attended by members and member clubs and have been recommended to us.
  • You will be able to enter the “interclub” contests.  Don’t let the word interclub fool you.  It is not just for interclub members, all 3CT members both individual and member club attendees may enter the contests.
  • Your fees help to pay for events, website costs, speakers, and drinks and snacks provided at the events.
  • As we add more benefits you will get those too.  As a lifetime member, you pay a one-time fee for your membership.  Getting in early ensures that if pricing structures change or the lifetime membership fee goes up it won’t affect you.
  • Lifetime Membership may be paid via Check, PayPal, Debit, or Credit Card. (DO NOT USE THE PAY LATER BUTTON)

3CT Individual Lifetime Membership

Camera Club Council of Tennessee Individual Membership

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Lifetime Membership is $25.00

You may also opt for going the member club route and joining one of the local Tennessee (or surrounding states) clubs that are already 3CT members (see our list) and if you do, then congratulations you now get the same benefits as an individual member plus all the great offerings you get with a local club.  However, you will have to pay your yearly membership dues to your local club and be a current member to continue to receive 3CT membership benefits.  If for any reason your local ‘member’ club ceases its partnership with 3CT you will need to become an individual member to get those benefits back.

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