Paris Photography Club (PPC)

  • Name of Club: Paris Photography Club (PPC)
  • City where Club Meets: Paris
  • Meeting Location: 402 Lee Street
  • Details of Meeting Location: Lee School Lunchroom
  • Meeting Times: 4th Thursday
  • Meeting Time: 6:00 p.m.
  • Club Website:
  • Facebook Page:
  • Club Contact Email:
  • 3CT Representative: Jean Owens
  • 3CT Membership Current through 2017

General Club Information:

The Paris Photography Club meets the 4th Thursday each month at the Lee School in Paris, TN.

Paris Photography Club (PPC) is a group of people with a common interest in photography.  We are dedicated to uniting those who love photography by providing responsible activities (photo safaris & educational programs) each month.

The Club has joined with other organizations of the County to promote social relationships necessary for the betterment of the photographic community.

The club is working on a Coffee Table Book for Henry County.

The club hopes to foster an understanding of the functions of photography as a separate art entity.

The Club desires to make each individual member more aware of the world around him/her.

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