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The main focus of the Camera Club Council of Tennessee is to promote Tennessee and surrounding states' photography clubs. The Council does this in several ways: 3CT’s speaker database helps them reach their photographic education goals; the monthly Council Newsletter, 3CT  In Focus and this website, to publicize their club information and upcoming events, and guidelines and personal assistance are available to help get new clubs started.

Member clubs get benefits for their individual club members as well: biannual field trips and educational events across the state, educational newsletters, participation in individual and inter-club competitions, and more. The Council strives to find ways, not only to support but to bring clubs and their members together.

Member clubs pay a yearly fee of $40 no matter the size of their membership. This fee goes to pay for our bi-annual events, snacks for attendees, administrative costs like website fees, and associated speaker/workshop costs.

3CT currently has 22 member clubs and would love to add your club to the list. No matter the age or size of your club, the Council is here to help you grow and expand your social activities.

If you are ready to join the Camera Club Council of Tennessee, you need to pay your $40 fee and then fill out the club membership application completely.  You will need to designate a club representative who will be responsible to act as a go-between 3CT and the member club.  This person will receive notices about upcoming events and the monthly newsletter and will faithfully forward them to your membership via both email and club meeting announcements. Select a person who will also actively support the council by encouraging your members to participate in 3CT events.

If you are ready to sign up, you can use the button below to go to the application form and complete the requested information.  Then just click on the PayPal button and pay the membership fee.  If you don't want to use PayPal you may send a check made payable to Camera Club Council of TN and mail it to:

Send to:

Martin Fish
3CT Treasurer
4465 Turkey Ridge Trail
Ooltewah, TN 37363





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