Dave Reasons Bio

I have been involved with the Camera Council of Tennessee (3CT) since 2014 and have participated in many of the 3CT events. I have always enjoyed the various outings and look forward to many more.

Currently, I serve as the 3CT Vice President and Webmaster. One of my major accomplishments was to rebuild the website making it a more modern site.

As a photographer, I enjoy Streetscaping, Landscapes, Micro Photography, and much more. I also love to take images of old buildings and Courthouses.

I am originally from Crocket County in West Tennessee. I graduated from the Alamo high school in 1964 and then served in the Navy. I was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Bausell DD-845 and did one tour in Vietnam.

After I left the Navy, I was hired by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and spent 30 years before retiring in 1999.

As the Vice President and webmaster for 3CT, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this fine organization.

I look forward to serving many more years. If I ever can be of assistance to any of the 3CT clubs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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