Hosting a Spring or Fall 3ct Event

The Camera Club Council of Tennessee (3CT) is a nonprofit umbrella group for camera clubs in Tennessee and adjoining states. The Council was established in 2011. The Council's objective is to initiate events where the 3CT member club & clubs’ members and 3CT individual members can come together.
Things to Consider:
With the help of a host club, 3CT offers spring and fall events. It would be great to add a summer and winter event, but it takes a club's support to pull these weekend get-togethers off.
No one knows more about a specific area than a local photography club; the best photo ops, the interesting "off-the-beaten-path" places, the best times to photograph in these locations, the difficulty level, and the best local places to stay and eat. Who better to help organize one of these outings than a local camera club? Photographers are always looking for new and interesting places to photograph, and 3CT, with the help of our local clubs, wants to make sure our members find them.
These events are usually 3-day weekend events. Some clubs have started with something mid-day Friday for attendees who get to the area early, such as a meet-and-greet event, including a meal or not (buffets work best), and events going on all day Saturday. Sunday usually has a morning activity and often mid-day events. Sunrise and sunset shoots are always popular.
Do you have your club's support for this project? (Remember that you want it to be fun and interesting for them as well. Your club member's attendance is important.)
What attractions in your area offer the best photo ops? Think about including places off the beaten path or locations that are ever-changing. (We photographers get around, so new or unusual locations are popular)
Do you want it to include an educational program and great photo ops?
Does your club already have an outing or workshop planned that you would like to include 3CT member clubs? Is there something special going on in your area that might be of interest?
Consider lodging, food, other events taking place in your area, parking, fees involved for some locations, and sponsors.
You will want to consider the proximity of various locations offered and allocate enough time to get from one place to another.
You will also want to consider how to break up the group, so you do not have 50 to 100 photographers at the same place at the same time.
You will also want to consider difficulty levels as far as hikes are concerned. Options with a variety of difficulty levels are appreciated.

  • Online Registration,
  • 3CT will conduct the registration. We will keep it as simple as possible.
  • Registration should include the Attendees' name, address, cell phone contact, email address, member club, or individual member.
  • Emergency contacts' name, relationship, phone, cell phone/msg. contact.
  • Arrival date, a list of events each day that they can indicate if they will attend or not
  • See if there is anything that you want to add to the list above, lay it out in a word document the way you want, and
    send it to our Webmaster, Dave Reasons, at as soon as possible.
  • We like to have the registration up and running when we start advertising the event at least two, if not three, months
    in advance. It is good to put out a Save the Date notice even earlier if possible.
    (I usually try to make sure that the leader of each event has a list of names and cell phone numbers of the people he or she is leading. It is also helpful to have someone in the lead and someone bringing up the rear.
  • I have also been putting cell
    phone contacts for the leaders in the back of the name tag holders.)
  • We can share the registration info with someone in the host club via email. (Need a contact name and email address so that we can invite this person to share.)
    Photo Contest:
  • 3CT will handle the registration for the contest and provide the judges. The 3CT Activities Director runs the contest.
  • Insurance: We usually have attendees sign a 3CT Hold Harmless Form when they register. We can adjust this form to encompass both your club and 3CT. We also make a Hold Harmless notation on the registration page.
  • What to include in the event description?
    1. Specific meeting locations and times
    2. Any parking suggestions/instructions
    3. Mention any entry fees.
    4. It would be good to recommend a central area of town where they may want to look for accommodations. In
    small towns or parks, you might recommend a specific place and try to get a group rate.
    5. Indicate that everyone is on their own for meals. Let them know if they should pack their breakfast (for early
    departures) or lunches for remote areas.
    6. Mention carpooling if possible.
    7. Good to recommend the types of lenses recommended for the various events and a warning to have proper
    rain gear if necessary and good walking shoes.
  • Advertising the Event:
    We would like you to provide the layout you want us to use to advertise the event on the 3CT website, 3 CT Facebook page, and the next three issues of 3CT in Focus. (They can be the same or different, but we will want to link them to the
    registration page.)
  • Newsletter:
    Need to be completed outing info for at least two newsletters that go out before the event. Having this info for three newsletters is even better. (We will have the registration page ready to use by then.)
    (Need a photo of the event committee with names for an article in one of the editions.)
    We will want articles and photos representing each of the locations we will be visiting.
    3CT will want to feature each speaker with their photo, bio, and several of their images.
  • Facebook:
    I suggest that you "friend" all the 3CT Member Clubs on your club's Facebook page so that anything you post about the
    event will go out to them as well. You can find the list of addresses in any issue of the 3CT newsletter. 3CT will be
    posting info as well. It will be good to have reminders coming from both of us!
    We would like to have all the same information on our websites as early as possible, including the registration page link.
  • We will need you to provide our Webmaster, Dave Reasons, at with the info laid out in a word document, with the photos attached separately.
  • Would you like to provide photos for the 3CT Home page header? If so, we will need a background photo 1000px wide and 300px tall and four regular photos to lay over a background.
  • Expenses:
    3CT does not have a large budget, so we depend on our host clubs, but we will help with the necessary expenses. These events do not have to cost the clubs a lot. If you can get sponsors to help with things like name tags and door prizes, printed materials from your Chamber of Commerce, speakers from your area who will volunteer their time if they can promote their workshops, promote their books, etc., and most importantly, your own members to volunteer guide services. Your club's out-of-pocket expenses can be next to nothing. If you incorporate a planned workshop with a noted speaker, a fee for the workshop is not out of the question. We only ask that you keep it as low as possible.

Our thanks:
We appreciate your willingness to host an event. We are here to help you in any way we can.

We want to hear from you!  Please send the 3CT President a message by completing the form below.  We will respond back to you ASAP!

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