Effective: Jan. 1, 2012
(And as amended Jan 1, 2016)

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Camera Club Council of Tennessee, hereinafter referred to as 3CT.

Article II – Purpose

The Camera Club Council of Tennessee (3CT) is dedicated to the advancement of all things photographic to the citizens of the State of Tennessee through its member clubs and their respective memberships.

Through the sharing of the experiences and events of its member clubs, 3CT intends to be the source of insights, information, and inspiration to all of Tennessee’s photographers regardless of their skill levels.

By accumulating and sharing information on, and offering speakers, workshops, field trips, seminars, competitions, and exhibits, 3CT will work to create a dynamic, interactive exchange forum that will enrich each members activities.

Article III – Membership

Section 1 – Regular Membership

Any camera club, organization, or individual having an interest in photography, whose business, headquarters or principal place of meeting is located within the geographical limits of the State of Tennessee, may apply for membership.

Section 2 – Special Membership

Individual or other types of memberships may be granted to persons or groups in such grades, and subject to such conditions, as the Council Executive Board may prescribe.

Section 3 – Out of State Membership

In cases where membership in 3CT is locally advantageous to clubs in any neighboring State, membership may be granted subject to such conditions, as the Council Executive Board may prescribe.

Section 4 - Council Representatives

All clubs and organizations with voting privileges shall appoint a Council Representative or Representatives, numbers to be determined by the Executive Board and described in the by-laws. These Reps will represent their clubs and organizations at Council meetings and will interface between the Council and their club or organization.

Article IV – The Executive Board

Section 1 - Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of four Officers, four Directors, and the Past President.

Section 2 – Officers

3CT shall have the following officers that are elected by its members: a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.

Section 3 – Directors

3CT shall have the following Directors selected by the Council Officers: a Communications (Webmaster) Director, a Membership Director, a Social Media Director, an Activities Director, and an Education Director. (As amended 01.01.2016)

Section 4 – Past President

The Past President shall hold a seat on the Board until it is time for the next Past President to replace him/her. (As amended 01.01.2016)

Section 5 - Term of Office

The term for elected Officers shall be two years.

Section 6 - Nominations

Officers shall be nominated and elected in the manner specified in the bylaws.

Section 7 - Director's Term of Office

The term for Directors shall be at the discretion of the Officers on a year-to-year basis.

Section 8 - Executive Board Responsibilities

The Executive Board shall be responsible for establishing, conducting, and providing suitable continuity of the Council's activities.

Section 9 - Officer's Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the individual Officers, Directors and the Past President are specified in the by-laws.

Section 10 - Executive Board Duties

The Executive Board shall make such rules and regulations as they deem proper to make the aims of the Council effective and to carry on the business of the Council. They may change such rules and regulations by majority vote at any time.

Section 11 - Executive Board Vacancies

The Executive Board shall fill midterm vacancies occurring among the Officers to complete the term until the next election.

Article V - Finance

Section 1 - Dues and Fees

All dues and fees shall be set by the Executive Board.

Section 2 - Fiscal Year

The fiscal year for the club shall be set by the Executive Board.

Section 3 - Finance Committee

There shall be a Finance Committee consisting of the Officers and the Past President and/or other persons appointed by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall be the Chair of the Committee.

Section 4 - Finance Committee Duties

The Finance Committee shall audit the books of the Treasurer annually and present the finished audit to the council members.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1 - Annual Meeting

An Annual Meeting of the Council shall be held every year at a time and place designated by the Executive Board.

Section 2 - Voting Rights

The voting rights of Council members shall be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 3 - Annual Meeting Notice

Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Council shall be published at least two months before the actual meeting.

Section 4 - Called Meetings

Other general or special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive Board or of the President.

Article VII – Quorum

Section 1 - Board Quorum

A quorum of the Executive Board shall consist of 1/3rd (or 3 members) of the Executive Board including the President and/or Vice President and the Secretary and/or Treasurer. (As amended 01.01.2016)

Section 2 - Membership Quorum

A quorum of the Council Membership shall consist of not less than one-third third of its members.

 Article VIII – Removal of Officers and Members

Section 1 - Revocation of Membership

The Executive Board, by unanimous vote, shall have the power to deny membership privileges to any council member or officer for conduct judged not in the interest of the Council.

Section 2 - Failure to Pay Dues

Council members who fail to pay their dues will be removed from the mailing list and will not be reinstated until their dues are paid. Any leeway period or exceptions may be set by the Executive Board.

Article IX – Amendments to the Constitution

Section 1 - Amendment Origination

An amendment to this Constitution may be initiated by three council members and presented in writing to the President, who shall bring it before the Executive Board. If it passes by a three-fourths vote of the entire Executive Board it must be published or otherwise made known to the active membership. If not more than one third of the membership object in writing to the Secretary, within a period of two months following the publication, the amendment shall become effective. If more than one third of the membership objects, the amendment shall be submitted by ballot to the entire membership, and after a 30 day period a majority vote shall determine whether or not the amendment is approved.

Section 2 - Amendments Publication

Amendments to this Constitution must be made known to the council membership by suitable means within a period of one month after enactment.



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