3CT Photo Contest Entry Form


Contest Rules:

  • Email your images to Sally Edwards at  activitiesdirector@3CT.org
  1.  Your photo club must be a 3CT affiliate club in good standing.
  2.  You may submit up to three images, one per category
  3.  Entries must follow these rules, or they will be rejected
    1. The image must be in JPG format
    2. Image size CANNOT exceed 1920 pixels on the horizontal axis and no more than 1080 pixels on the vertical axis.
    3. The total file size per image can not be more than 1.5MB (1500kb)
    4. After selecting and resizing your images, you must rename them to the following form
      1. Title (hyphen) default name/number from your computer.
      2. Example:  Summer Sunset-img_1402
    5.  Email your images to Sally Edwards at  activitiesdirector@3CT.org
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