Chattanooga Walking Tour of Georgia Avenue Landscape

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October 5, 2019 - 12 Noon-2:00 pm

This area is downtown, south of the river.

Leader: Jim Mears, Contact info: Cell: 423-645-5239, Email:

Meetup Location:  818 Georgia Ave (Patton Parkway) near the “Tomorrow Building”

Cost:  Parking only (pay at a meter)

Meet Up Time:  12:00 Noon – 2:00 PM

  1. Park near the “Tomorrow building” (Patton Parkway) and pay at a meter.
  2. Look up and you will see the golden top of the Dome Building.
  3. In Patten Parkway are a USMC memorial and the site of the first Coca Cola bottling facility.
  4. Continue walking north along Georgia Avenue and you will see the old Methodist church steeple, public art, and some more parking areas.
  5. Continue walking north along Georgia Ave., and you will see the Hamilton County Courthouse; the Fireman’s Fountain, an 1812 cannon, and the “big eyes” above the Universal Joint Restaurant.
  6. Continue walking north on Georgia Ave. and veer off to the left onto High Street. High Street will take you all the way to the Hunter Museum (three blocks).
  7. From the patio area west of the Hunter Museum, you can take landscapes of the North Shore across the river.
  8. The return to the parking area at Patton Parkway is all downhill. This is an easy walk that is about one mile. There are no public restrooms.
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