3CT River Front Walking Tours, Saturday October 5,2019

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Chattanooga Walking Tour of the River Front for Sunset, October 5, 6:55pm-10pm
Jim Mears, Contact info: Cell: 423-645-5239, Email: jimmears58@gmail.com
Meetup Location: Carousel on the North Shore at Coolidge Park
Cost: Parking only (pay $6 at the kiosk)
Meet Up Time: 6:55 PM
Park and pay at a kiosk and meet in Coolidge Park at the Carousel on River Street at 6:55 pm.

Note the architecture, landscapes, and art as you walk.

  1. We will walk to the north end of the Veteran’s Bridge and if conditions are good, take photographs of the sunset over the bridges. From this area, we can also take photographs of the downtown landscape.
  2. We will then walk up 12 steps to and through the art district (NO photographs) and on to the Hunter Museum to photograph landscapes of the North Shore and the Walnut Street bridge.  This is a good place to practice “focus zoom” techniques. This will be a good opportunity to light paint some of the outside art at the Hunter Museum.
  3. We will then walk down to the Market Street bridge. There are two festivals going on in this area. The festivals are the Three Sisters Blue Grass festival on Ross’s Landing and Wine Over  Water on the Walnut Street bridge. There could be opportunities to photograph some street scenes of the festival activities from the bridge.
  4. We will then continue walking back to the North Shore Coolidge Park area.
  5. This is a moderate walk of about two and a half miles. Public restrooms are at the carousel.
  6. Bring water and snacks if wanted.
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